How much energy do you put into employee motivation?

Employee motivation is a "hot" topic in realm of leadership and Human Resources. We (HR) are often encouraging our leaders to motivate staff so that we can get that extra discretionary effort. Well, no more! Check out our founder's expert advice via Forbes on employee motivation and what to do to "motivate" your teams. Please share your thoughts with us. #PerformanceManagement

Meet our Founder

I believe in being authentically and unapologetically you. Hi! I’m Kelah. I’m the founder of SPARC and a Human Resources Strategist who's obsessed with seeing your people make progress. I work with ambitious small and mid-sized businesses by giving them a little nudge to go after their next big thing. I help them achieve success on their terms so that they can grow their business while staying focused on their people. I used to tell people, “You can have it all!” I was wrong. You can’t have it all. We need to make a conscious decision to choose one thing in this moment that’s the most important. Pick just one thing to focus on, then take the next step forward. I’m obsessed with efficiencies.