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Are you the go to expert?


Your manager’s right hand?


The team member everyone relies on're not being recognized for your work and worth.


Welcome! You’re in the right place.


Kelah, and her team of coaches, helps professionals emerge from the shadows, stand out in their superpower and get noticed by leadership.


It’s time to get rewarded for all your hard work.


Are you ready? 

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Since the age of 19, Kelah has been helping organizations grow and improve their people strategies. Yes, nearly two decades ago, Kelah started cutting her HR teeth as a soldier in the U.S. Army. There she learned the basic blocking and tackling of HR and Leadership, which spring boarded her career. From a combat zone to corporate boardrooms, Kelah has coached thousands of leaders and employees through career stumbles and various stages- not to mention her own.

From her own stumbles to success story, Kelah has decided to flip the script and help professionals propel their career with the secrets HR (may) never tell!  

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