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Meet our Founder

I believe in being authentically and unapologetically you.

Hi! I’m Kelah.

I’m the founder of SPARC and a Human Resources Strategist who's obsessed with seeing your people make progress. I work with ambitious small and mid-sized businesses by giving them a little

nudge to go after their next big thing. I help them

achieve success on their terms so that they can grow their business while staying focused on their people.

I used to tell people, “You can have it all!”

I was wrong. You can’t have it all.

We need to make a conscious decision to choose one thing in this moment that’s the most important. Pick just one thing to focus on, then take the next step forward.

I’m obsessed with efficiencies.

There have been many events that have brought me to this moment. From living in the projects to being a single parent to serving our country to becoming a bikini fitness competitor (I have the pictures to prove it!), and volunteering with some amazing organizations - they have all helped shape my story and give me the perspective I needed to bring my best self to my clients.

An unexpected experience in the military

When I was 18, fueled by some conflict I was having with my mother and a craving for discipline, I enrolled in the military. I had the honor of serving our country in Korea and Iraq.

My time in Iraq was unexpectedly a peaceful and unique journey for me. Being single, and not yet a mother, I didn’t have a lot to worry about. I knew I had a year to roll up my sleeves and just do my job and do it well. This pivotal year turned out to be a year of deep reflection, one where I could turn inward, and figure out my next move.

Blame the postpartum hormones?

After having my son, Alexander, something shifted in me. Becoming a second time Mom, the little things at my corporate job started to really bother me. This was either a sign from above that it was a time for a change or something had shifted in me after bringing another human into this world.

Defining experiences in the Human Resources department

Working in Human Resources, I was big on reflection when working with my internal clients. One day, I started looking at my behavior at the office and had a big wake up call--I was the quintessential picture of the disengaged employee that I had worked so hard to coach all these years. I’d reluctantly go to meetings thinking, “Why are we even having this meeting? Can’t we just do this in an email?” I’d sit through meetings but I wasn’t really present. Something was off.

Which brings me to my final pivotal moment

A wonderful organization I had been volunteering with--Prison Entrepreneurship Program, where volunteers help prisoners create businesses while they’re behind bars. I received the most beautiful and heartfelt letter from someone I worked with, Kenneth Moore. He thanked me and told me that he saw business consulting in my future.

Hmmm. When I read this letter, I felt a spark inside me.

I came alive! I could feel my passion bubbling back up to the top of my life.

This is when I took my desire for making real connections and contributions on a macro scale to the world and I created SPARC.

I believe feedback is a gift to be treasured.

And without this precious feedback from my brother Kenneth, I might still be dragging my body to meetings, while my mind was somewhere else, wondering if I was making an impact on the world.

I believe that a conversation solves everything.

When I see my clients having these SPARC-like moments like I experienced, I feel like my heart might explode.

I have the street cred

I bring 15+ years experience as a Human Resources Strategist and Performance Consultant to your table along with an MBA and a certification as a Performance Thinking Practitioner.

When I’m not helping my clients drive success, you can probably find me indulging in something sweet, reading a geeky HR business book, working out (no cardio please!), volunteering with B.E.A.U.T.Y. Mentoring, the Prison Entrepreneurship Program, or Sailing Angels, and getting in quality family time with my supportive husband Terrell, my two kids - Ah'vian and Alexander, and our cuddly malti-poo, Brees (yes, he's named after the Saints' quarterback).

Let’s live a life with no regrets, and go after our dreams together.

Will you join me? I would love to connect with you.

Kelah N. Raymond


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