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Career Management

For Powerhouse


Stop hiding in the shadows of your own greatness. Clear the career clutter. Stand Out & Get Noticed and Promoted For  All Your Hard Work



The unfortunate truth is most leaders don't help you manage your career.

We know because Kelah, our founder, has worked nearly two decades in HR. We know where development dollars are spent and we know that you need the HR secret sauce we bring together with our proven strategies for advancing and accelerating your career. Yes, we coach but more importantly we teach you repeatable income-increasing skills that will span your lifetime. 

What you should expect?

Image by Miguel Bruna

Be prepared to dig deep. If you want that next thing, get ready to dig deep to find it. (it's generally not what you think you want!) 


Image by Daoudi Aissa

You know you were made for more! We know it too, so get ready to increase your value and validate what you have always known in your heart.

Value & Validation

Image by Jaime Lopes

Everything we do leads up to you getting noticed and standing out for what you already do best. Be prepared to emerge from the shadows of your former self. 

Get Noticed


Get ready to find out what you were made to do! We go where the energy is...and where there is energy, there is confidence. 

Career Confidence


Be prepared to find joy. There is no point to doing anything if it doesn't SPARC joy and inspire others.

Get ready to #betheSPARC

SPARCs of Joy


Expect to learn the savvy skills Kelah used to revive her own career at least seven times in the last 12 years. With each resurrection came a 20 percent increase in pay. 

Secret Sauce Skills


"What I love (and appreciate) about working with Kelah is her responsiveness. She answers career questions quickly with insight and a sense of urgency.


Another characteristic is making the big thing simple and easy to understand. She had made me calm in focusing on the entire career cycle. Her sense of humor is so humbling."


—  Chris Jackson, Educator and Learning Specialist 

Your Next Step

We understand that this can be overwhelming and you are ready for a change like yesterday. Here is what we want you to do. 

Join Our Community.

Come vibe with us. See if we're a fit for you. Get some free tips. Hang out for a while. Then decide what your next step should be. 

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